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  • Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar

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    Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar

    Lose the silicones and parabens and bring your hair back to its natural glory!

    This bar is suitable for all hair types. Made with Apple Cider Vinegar which works wonders creating shiny healthy hair. ACV works well on dandruff and helps to keep a healthy scalp. This in turn creates a healthier hair folicle which is less prone to breakage. 

    Scented with Rosemary Essential Oil which works wonders creating glossy, thicker and healthier hair. 

    So why a natural shampoo? Most commercial shampoos are packed with harmful chemicals, many with known carcinogenics. These chemicals are known to cause skin irritation, and can seriously damage hair in the long run - causing hair loss and thinning. 
    When you use a chemical free shampoo the first thing you may notice is you don't get that 'silk' feeling after rinsing, it takes a while to get used to, but in fact that feeling is actually silicones covering the hair strand. You will find that after drying and styling your hair as normal the dried result is superior to that if a commercial shampoo.

    Transition period - give your hair time to adjust. Presumably your hair has only known commercial shampoos, and there for the nasty chemicals that come with them. It can take a couple of weeks worth of washing to fully remove these silicones etc. Don't give in. Stick through this period of strange feeling hair and don't use any other shampoo OR conditioner on your hair (this is very tempting! But I can't stress this enough) after this period you will fully be able to enjoy your beautiful, natural healthy hair! 

    How do I use a shampoo bar? 
    Using your bar is easy, simply wet your hair as normal and wet your bar. Rub the bar in circular motions over your hair and scalp. It is useful to add a handful of water here and there to ensure the bar lathers well (remember this is a dry bar, not a liquid shampoo)
    You may be surprised with just how much these bars will lather! 
    An alternatively is to wet the bar and lather it in your hands, then run this through your hair. 
    You will quickly find what works best for you.
    In between uses make sure you bar is stored somewhere it can dry out, and is well drained, to ensure you get the most from it.